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The Pinsky & Skandalis Government Relations and Administrative Law Practice Group helps clients solve problems and realize opportunities. The firm's experience in government, its knowledge of agency regulations and practice, and its long standing contacts with government officials and their staffs provide exceptional value to our clients.

For some of the firm's clients, Government Relations can be likened to a patient asking a doctor to stop the pain. We first analyze the cause of the client's problem whether it be legislative, regulatory, interpretation, funding or even personalities and then we prescribe a strategic plan to alleviate the problem. The proper and innovative analysis of the cause of the problem is the most important aspect of the undertaking. Once the strategic plan is established, the firm has the experience and capability to implement the plan in the following ways:

  • Analyze and negotiate legislation and regulations, including interpretations by courts and administrative tribunals
  • Meet with government officials and staff
  • Draft legislation or regulations

Where legislation is drafted, the firm shepherds the proposed legislation through the entire legislative process. The firm secures effective sponsors for the bill and encourages them to actively support its passage. The firm then takes all appropriate measures to persuade both houses of the legislature, including their respective committee processes, to approve the bill. Once the bill has passed the legislature, the firm then works with the governor's office to secure his signature. Throughout this process, conferences are held where necessary with state agencies and other interested parties to minimize their concerns and to garner their support. Where necessary, regulations to be adopted pursuant to the legislation are drafted and the appropriate agencies are conferred with to persuade them to promptly adopt the most appropriate regulations.

The firm also provides a watching service for all bills which might effect our clients and notifies our clients of such proposed legislation explaining the apparent impact it may have upon the client's activities. Where necessary, actions are taken to defeat or amend proposed legislation to avoid harm or difficulties to our clients. Legislation which is beneficial to our clients is actively supported throughout the legislative process in an effort to secure its enactment into law.

The firm also assists clients in state contracting by securing appropriate governmental approvals and, on occasion, needed funding.

The firm's Government Relations clients include business corporations, professional membership associations, hospitals and long-term care providers, local governments, trade associations and insurance companies.

The firm's Administrative Law practice goes hand in hand with its Government Relations practice. The firm's attorneys are experienced at representing clients before the various administrative agencies of the state including representation at administrative hearings.

Many activities in the State of New York require licenses or other authorizations from the State to be issued before the proposed activity can be conducted. These agencies also have disciplinary or enforcement capabilities which they utilize through an administrative hearing process. The firm has represented numerous businesses and professionals throughout this process including trucking companies, retailers, bars and restaurants, ambulance, ambulette and tour bus operators and licensed professionals such as physicians, nurses, certified public accountants, surveyors, pharmacists and mental health providers.

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